New Construction Homes in Central NJ: Where Should You Build?

New Construction Homes in Central NJ: Where Should You Build?

The Garden State has no shortage of thriving, family-friendly towns— which is wonderful, but also what makes it difficult to choose the right place to build your home.

Do a quick internet search and you’re likely to see Westfield come up time after time on various top 10 lists, but the nearby towns of Clark and Scotch Plains should not be overlooked. With stellar school systems, bustling downtowns, and (relatively) easy commutes to New York City, these towns are perfect places to put down roots.

The Perks of Living in Westfield, NJ

On paper, Westfield ranks among the top ten best places to live in the state, according to Niche’s 2018 “Best Places to Live” in New Jersey rankings, because of the high home values, low crime rates, and blue-ribbon school systems.

For the folks who live there, this popular landing spot for Upper East Side transplants is so sought-after because it strikes that perfect balance between small town and city living.

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Westfield is just large enough to have an urban feel—a pedestrian-friendly downtown area, good restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene, plus a variety of good transportation options. Yet, Westfield is still small enough that its residents can get to know each other and develop a true sense of community.

  • Population: 30,433
  • Median household income: $150,486
  • Median home value: $759,249
  • School ratings: A+
  • Distance to Manhattan: 27.6 miles

Fun fact: Charles Addams, known for his love of cartooning and monsters, was born in Westfield in 1912. One of his family’s residences is believed to be the inspiration for the macabre Addams Family house.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Scotch Plains

With its one-acre zoning on the south side of town, Scotch Plains is an appealing choice for growing families looking for their own oasis. Properties in the northern neighborhoods are also larger than what you might find in neighboring towns. That right there is a selling point for many people.

Scotch Plains is located at the foot of the Watchung Reservation, which is an almost 2,000-acre park that hosts tons of outdoor fun, including hiking, horseback riding, playgrounds, and picnic areas. There are also two public golf courses, a community pool, and tennis courts. So, there are plenty of options for staying active outdoors.

  • Population: 24,339
  • Median household income: $112,220
  • Median home value: $481,500
  • School ratings: A
  • Distance to Manhattan: 29.2 miles

Fun fact: The Shady Rest Golf and Country Club was the first African American owned and operated country club in the United States.

Another Excellent Choice: Clark, NJ

Clark Township is also rated one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Residents say they enjoy the close-knit, suburban feel, and the good range of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Clark.

Another appealing aspect of this town is that it’s managed to maintain lower taxes in relation to other areas of New Jersey, while still having an excellent school system, lots of green space, and not a lot of crime. You can’t ask for much more.

  • Population: 16,109
  • Median household income: $96,111
  • Median home value: $418,400
  • School ratings: B+
  • Distance to Manhattan: 27.4 miles

Fun fact: The township was named for Abraham Clark, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Ready to Start Looking at Potential Properties?

Whether you decide to build in Westfield, Scotch Plains, or Clark, you’ll find that the quality of education, lively downtown areas, and endless lists of fun activities will give you lots of reasons to love your new home. If you have any questions, just give Jerry a call. His family has lived in Westfield for more than 70 years, so his close ties with the community could help make your decision a bit easier.  

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