Thinking about building a new home on your property?

Call us before you call an architect. We’ll look at your situation holistically and make sure it makes good financial sense. Then we’ll guide you through the entire process — from choosing an architect, to filing permits, to obtaining financing, to building the exact home you want — on budget.

How It Works


Create a Budget

First, we determine your all-in budget—something realistic that works for you and your family.

Calculate Size

Next, we talk about how much space your family needs and determine your ideal layout and square footage.

Hammer Out the Details

Then we get into the details of the home, from flooring to appliances to door handles, and get you an exact price for the build.

Determine Financing

Once we’ve done the preliminary work, we set you up with a local financial expert who will help you secure the necessary funds.

Watch it Happen

It’s time to build your dream home. Our team works closely with you throughout the entire construction process, keeping you informed every step of the way to ensure your absolute satisfaction. You’ll be in your house within five months of obtaining the construction permit.

Custom Home Backyard in Westfield NJ

Outdoor Kitchenette

Build a Custom Home on Your Land

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