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Call us if you have property to sell in Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Summit, Clark, Watchung, Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Mountainside.

Here are four good reasons why you should call us instead of a realtor:

1. Make More Money

We make it as easy as possible for you by offering a good price, while saving you tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, repairs and staging.

2. Close Fast or Delay

You set the closing date. We close with all cash offers, so we can be ready to close in as little as two weeks, or we can give you all the additional time you need.

3. Sell As-Is

You don’t need to waste time or money on cleaning, staging, putting things in storage, making repairs or hauling kids and pets out every time you have an open house. We’ll buy your home as-is with no additional costs or hassle to you.

4. Leave It Behind

Don’t have the time, energy or resources to clean everything out? Take only what you want and we’ll handle the disposal of whatever is left behind.

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“When we lost a ‘would-be’, dishonest buyer for our home, who unfortunately managed to break our contract without honoring his word, we found ourselves in a terrible situation.

Our lucky stars were watching over us when we found the Premier Custom Design sign at a nearby building site in Westfield and called Jerry. He showed up immediately and checked out our location and told us that he was working with a prospective buyer who he thought would love our property.

Within an amazingly short time a fair price was agreed upon with Jerry’s assistance, and our house was sold. Before closing, Jerry professionally and efficiently attended to a myriad of details such as inspections, fire department check out, utility cut-off, etc. The closing took place exactly when we planned, thanks to Jerry’s efficiency.

Because Jerry was the person who directly brought us our buyer, we avoided having to fix up a lot of items such as hot water heater replacement, painting, and landscaping, and staging…. all of which would have cost us thousands of dollars in order to sell a 60 year old house.

He also told us to leave anything we no longer wanted in the house which was really helpful since we were moving to a much smaller space and so did not have to worry about cleaning up before leaving. Most of all we also avoided spending tens of thousands of dollars in realtors fees by dealing directly with Jerry.

Overall, what is often a dreadful and traumatic experience (moving out of a house we had occupied for 47 years), was straightforward and smooth. As we got to know him we discovered that Jerry is a friendly, honest, and very knowledgeable hardworking person who we highly regard.

He was always reachable and communicated with us throughout this project. He had helpful suggestions and answered all of our questions. We have complete confidence in his knowledge and skill as a builder. We strongly recommend him to both people selling their houses and to people looking for the best builder to build their dream house!
—Linda & Marty Slove

“We just wanted to let you know that we look back at the experience of selling our home to you with satisfaction and relief.

Once we made the decision to move, the thought of the logistics of getting the house ready for sale became very stressful. We also knew that our style of house was not attractive to new buyers these days so any efforts to improve might not have been fruitful monetarily. We feel fortunate that we called you even before we made the decision to sell. Having met with you and gotten the basic information made it easier to move forward.

Right from the beginning and throughout the whole process , we felt you were honest and trustworthy as well as very respectful of our position. We feel comfortable with the selling price and think we did the right thing in selling to you. Once we came to terms you walked us through the steps and were always available for questions. We knew you were committed to making it all work smoothly.

Not needing to clean out the house of all items certainly made the process easier. I think we would have needed another three weeks to move if we had needed to dispense with everything. Also, being able to remove certain fixtures helped us feel like we were taking some of our home with us.

The closing was on time and actually anti- climatic as all was in place. We were free to take care of our moving logistics. Thank you for being so professional.
—Sincerely, Sydney and Roslyn Helfen