What do we mean by instant equity?

When you choose to build a custom home with us, you end up with a house that has a greater value than what you paid for the land and the build.

How do we do this?

Many NJ builders can’t offer instant equity, but we can. That’s because we’re incredibly precise with our estimates and we establish a trusting relationship with our clients.

We give you an all-in build price up front so there are no surprises later on. And we can get you land at wholesale prices, trusting in you to build with us once you own the lot. We’ll always put you and your family’s needs first.

How does instant equity work?

Simply put, when you move into your new custom home, it will already be worth at least $125,000 more than what you paid for it.

Whether you’ve been searching forever and haven’t found anything on the market, or you just want control over everything that goes into your home, you’ve come to the right place.

How It Works:


Create a Budget

First, we determine your all-in budget — something realistic that works for you and your family.

Calculate Size

Next, we talk about how much space your family needs and determine your ideal layout and square footage requirements.

Hammer Out the Details

Then we get into the details of the home, from flooring to appliances to door handles, and get you an exact price for the build.

Find Your Ideal Location

Our next step is to discuss the location that you desire and come up with a game plan for finding the right lot for you.

Determine Financing

Once we’ve done the preliminary work, we set you up with a local financial expert who will help you secure the necessary funds.

Spring into Action

At this point, your financing is in order. Armed with an exact build price based on your detailed requirements, we can get to work on finding the perfect piece of land.

Watch it Happen

It’s time to build your dream home. Our team works closely with you throughout the entire construction process, keeping you informed every step of the way to ensure your absolute satisfaction. You’ll have a certificate of occupancy in your hands within 7 months of securing the land, and you’ll enjoy instant equity the day you move in.

Ready to learn more? Contact Jerry or take a look at our recent projects.

Common Questions

How long will it take from start to finish?

Once you have the land, we can have you in your house in 7 months. We pride ourselves on efficient, timely builds.

How much will I pay in property taxes?

Our custom home builds can save you thousands in property taxes over time. We currently have several clients saving over 30% per year compared to similar homes. Contact us for more details on how much you could save.

How do I finance this project?

You shouldn’t have to worry about financing. We can refer you to an expert who will walk you through the process of obtaining a construction loan, look at every angle based on your personal financial situation and explain everything in plain language.

What will my total cost be?

By essentially building your house on paper first, spending time working through all of the details and making every selection that you and your family want up front, we’re able to pinpoint an exact cost for your home and enable you to stay on budget.

Is this going to be complicated?

There are a lot of details, but don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything step by step. In the beginning, we’ll have several sit-down meetings to go through every detail and help you understand the process. It’s true that sometimes building a custom home can be complicated or overwhelming, but we break it down for you and make it very clear and simple. We want you to be completely familiar with the entire process before you spend a dollar.

How do I get the floor plan I want?

When you build a home with us, you’ll work alongside one of our architects to custom design the home that's right for you. We can show you past projects to inspire ideas and give pricing estimates, but there is nothing cookie cutter about this process.

What if I can't find a property?

We’ll help you find the perfect site in Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Summit, Clark, Watchung, Berkeley Heights, New Providence or Mountainside. It can sometimes take a little time, but we’ll get you the lot at the right price, trusting in you to build with us once you own the land.