“I think if I can sum up the experience in one phrase, it would be that Jerry was a ‘trusted partner and guide’ through the construction process…

Not only did Jerry complete our house on time, but he was actually early! We feel very lucky to have met such a direct and competent builder who is honest and helpful too.

– B & GT, Westfield




“I had been looking at homes for 18 months and this is the first house that I felt was ‘the one’...

…the one I wanted to make an offer on and where my kids would grow up. I noticed right away many details that indicated a builder who cared about the quality of his work.

He included many upgrades and used high quality materials throughout the interior and exterior of the house. The kitchen and bathrooms were thoughtfully and beautifully designed, and the house lays out perfectly for how my family uses it.

We were in close communication from the point that I made an offer, and I was kept up up date on timing and progress. They finished the house exactly when they said that they would, and I was able to close and move in on the time frame that was optimal for me. It was very important to me to move in prior to the school year starting, and because the builder made sure everything stayed on schedule, I was able to do that.

Both before I moved in and since that point, the builder has been very accessible and helpful with any question or request that I have had. I can’t say enough good things about what a great experience this has been, so I would definitely recommend them to anyone else!

– Heather B., Westfield

“Jerry was extremely easy to work with and a complete professional…

This is our first house, and buying a first home can be mind-boggling to begin with. Add in new construction, and it is easy to envision how overwhelming the project can be. We were extremely fortunate to have Jerry’s expert management through the development of our home. As Jerry begins new projects in town we will continually be recommending that others work with him if they too want to have a beautiful, custom home.”

– The Trombleys, Westfield