Westfield Public School Rankings and Property Value

Westfield Public School Rankings and Property Value

For homebuyers with children, or those who plan to have children, the quality of a school district is a key consideration.

We know this is true because buyers frequently pay more for homes that are located in highly desirable school districts.

Numerous reports show that homes in neighborhoods with A-rated schools are more valuable than similar homes in areas with B-rated schools. A Redfin report, according to The Washington Post, states that, “on average, buyers pay $50 more per square foot for homes in top-rated school districts compared with homes served by average-rated schools.”

That is some pretty compelling stuff—especially since nationwide school performance data is so readily accessible online these days. More and more families can (and do) search for homes based on the quality of schools in a given area.

So if you’re considering building a custom home in Westfield and you’re wondering about property value in relation to the ranking of our public school system, perhaps I can offer some encouragement.

Westfield is a top-ranking school district.

Westfield consistently ranks among New Jersey’s top school districts. And that statement is corroborated by numerous studies, measurements and reports. Westfield public schools receive excellent rankings from GreatSchools, which is a trusted national educational nonprofit for parents. Westfield High School, which is the only public high school in the district, received a 9 out of 10.

Westfield’s overall Niche grade is an A, with A+ scores in Academics, Teachers and College Prep. According to Niche.com, which ranks nearly 100,000 schools nationwide, Westfield is the 26th best district in the state of New Jersey (out of 238 districts). As for districts in New Jersey with the best teachers, Westfield ranks 32nd.

There are 6,417 students currently enrolled in the district, with a student-teacher ratio of 13:1. The average graduation rate is 97%. The average SAT score is 1270. And the Advanced Placement® participation rate at Westfield Senior High School is 53%. Those are all numbers that should make any Westfield resident proud.

Westfield schools are impressive—even when looking at national rankings.

When Newsweek’s 2016 list of the 500 best public high schools in the country was published, Westfield came in at number 67. We have the 67th best high school in the entire nation. That ranking gives us some serious credibility, as Newsweek uses objective measurements and school performance data from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

The correlation between home values and quality education is quite advantageous to those living in Westfield. And as school performance reports and rankings continue to be accessed online by prospective home buyers, the expectation is that the trend will only increase over time.

Are you a Westfield resident? How do you feel about the school system? Did school rankings play a part in your decision to move to Westfield?

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