Custom Home Design Trends: What to Watch for in 2021

Custom Home Design Trends: What to Watch for in 2021

Custom home design trends are reflecting the fact that we all spent more time at home this year.

For better or worse, our homes wore many hats, doubling as our offices, our gyms, and even our schools. It would be impossible for this shared experience not to influence future home design.

Sure enough, 2021 design trends veer towards creating homes with flexible multi-purpose spaces that focus on the comfort of the family who lives there. Some of our home spaces have shifted in purpose and importance, and we predict that design trends will reflect that shift.

Here are our predictions for what to watch for in 2021 custom home design:

The Kitchen as the Heart of the Home

For some time now, the kitchen has been more of a gathering space than a utilitarian space used only for meal prep. The kitchen’s usage expanded even further this year as families found themselves using their kitchens as office space or as a place for children to complete schoolwork under a parent’s watchful eye.

Given that, we expect open concept kitchen design to continue trending, as this design style lends the most flexibility. We also expect requests for larger kitchen islands that accommodate more family members gathering and working in the same space. 

In addition, a lot of people upped their game in the kitchen this year, perfecting new cooking techniques and realizing the value of quality appliances.

In 2021, we predict more requests for chef-style kitchens with upgraded appliance packages and lots of storage. 

The Master Bath as a Spa Retreat

Just as the kitchen has become an important gathering place, the master suite has become a much-needed sanctuary for privacy and relaxation.

In 2021, we expect our clients to lean into that concept further and request spa-style bathrooms with soaker tubs, natural woods, clean lines, and bright white tile. 

Many more people worked from home this year and by all accounts, this is a trend that is here to stay. With working from home as the new normal, a dedicated home office space is more of a necessity than a convenience. 

The Home Office as the Actual Office

While previous home design might have placed the home office off of the kitchen or tucked into the corner of a shared space, we predict an increased demand for the home office to be its own separate room with a door that can be closed for privacy and quiet.

We also predict more requests for accent walls for that all-important Zoom background. 

The Spare Room as a Multipurpose Room

While it may be nice to have a dedicated space for every unique usage, a home’s floorplan does not always allow for that.

Homeowners need spaces that can easily serve more than one function. We expect that 2021 will bring more homes designed with this flexibility in mind.

Fortunately, planning ahead allows for the spaces to be intelligently designed. We suggest thinking of two usages that don’t often occur at the same time—pairing a home gym with a laundry room, or a guest room with a kids’ playroom for instance.

You can even create a more seamless transition between usages with clever design choices, such as installing a Murphy bed or adding sliding doors that close off portions of a room.

If a room is going to be serving two functions simultaneously, you can also demarcate the usage zones with a subtle change in tile or flooring. 

The Outdoors as an Entertaining Space

More entertaining took place outdoors this year, and many people realized how lovely it can be to spend time with friends and family in the fresh air.

In addition, maximizing the outdoor space adds to a home’s floorplan with a minimal increase in cost.

We predict an increased investment in functional outdoor spaces on new home builds, ensuring a home has easy access to front porches or connected patios and adding fun features like outdoor kitchens and fire pits. 

If nothing else, this past year made us all realize the value of home.

We expect that next year’s focus will be on creating homes that families love to spend time in, and where they have everything they need in one place.

If you want some advice on navigating these new trends and building the perfect home for your family, give us a call! We’re here to help you make the choices that make sense for you.

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