Custom-Designed Homes in Westfield, NJ

Custom-Designed Homes in Westfield, NJ

When do most people start thinking about a custom-designed home?

It often starts when you can’t find a home with every feature that you want. People come to us when they don’t want to make compromises.

It’s about big decisions, but it’s also about details. If you’re thirsty for the kind of creative power that empowers you to choose not only the size of the windows, but which way the windows are facing, then a custom home build is exactly what you’re after.

We’re here to tell you: Your dream home doesn’t have to be just a dream.

So, what exactly can you customize in a custom home? The answer is pretty much anything.

While the ability to customize is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming without the right guidance.

We’ve developed a proven process over our years of practical experience that helps our clients feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. We ask new clients to go through the extensive project section on our website to get ideas, and see what they like and don’t like.

Once we have a floor plan to work from, we can start making changes based on individual lifestyle needs and wants.

Let See Some Examples!

Keep scrolling for five inspiring customization ideas for your dream home.

1. Customized Kitchen Cabinetry

Once you’ve decided on a kitchen floor plan configuration—whether it’s a single-wall, L-shaped or U-shaped layout—you can opt for tailored kitchen cabinets that fit your exact needs. If you’re considering a custom-built home, it’s probably time to start thinking about what those needs are.

Does your family like to sit at a breakfast bar and watch you cook? Do you have an elegant collection of china or crystal that you’d like to display? How about some neat and tidy storage solutions for all those storage containers and spice jars?

One of our personal favorites is an integrated kitchen with appliance cubbies, where certain appliances like the microwave, coffee pot, and blender are hidden, but still easily accessible.

Customized kitchen cabinetry in  a custom designed home.

2. A Custom Bedroom Terrace

Imagine waking up in the morning and pushing the curtains aside to reveal your own personal terrace where you could enjoy a cup of coffee, or ending the day by relaxing on your master bedroom balcony with a glass of wine under the stars.

A small patio or balcony off the master bedroom is a luxury that will instantly boost the value of your new home. If privacy is a concern, you could always incorporate some sturdy landscaping.

3. Heated Floors

Forget the fuzzy slippers. Nothing beats getting up to use the bathroom on a cold night and feeling the warmth of radiant floor heating in your master bedroom and bathroom. Before you put the floors down, think about how heated floors will keep your toes feeling toasty all winter long.

4. Luxury Showers and Custom Saunas

From gentle waterfall showerheads to horizontal faucet units with multiple jets, there are many new options that can give your master bathroom some serious spa appeal. Consider using frameless glass enclosures, natural stone facades, and strategically placed windows and skylights for plenty of natural light.

If you really want to boost the spa appeal, a custom-cut sauna gives you an indulgent hot steam experience without having to leave the house. Some homeowners even design them large enough to use in their hot yoga practice. Now that’s something to consider!

Bathroom with a sauna and steam shower.

5. Spacious Walk-In Closets

One thing you never have to worry about when you build your own custom home is having enough closet space. One of the true luxuries of custom home building, a spacious walk-in closet gives you ample storage for all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. For even more wow factor, consider incorporating an island dresser and a chandelier into your design.

A spacious master walk-in closet.

Are you ready to start designing the home of your dreams? Give Jerry a call at 201-370-3274. He’s always happy to talk to new clients about building a custom home.

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