Blending Your Interior and Exterior

Blending Your Interior and Exterior

Want to know how to immediately increase your living space without expanding your home’s floorplan?

It’s easy—all you have to do is step outside!

It may sound simple enough, but often it feels like the inside and outside of your home exist in two totally different worlds.

When planning a new build, the focus tends to be on the home itself. But with a few smart choices now, you can create outdoor spaces that are as functional and well-thought-out as your indoor spaces.

Once you create a seamless transition between the two, taking those few steps outside becomes that much more natural.

Here are a few simple ways to create an inviting transition from inside to outside.

Make the Most of Your Lot

The lot you’ve chosen has a character all its own. Instead of seeing it as a blank slate to build a house on, consider what you like best about the land itself and use those qualities to your advantage.

For a custom home build, we can design your home’s floor plan to maximize your lot’s best features.

Do you have one particularly good view? Make sure to show it off from the rooms where it’ll have the biggest impact.

Depending on your lifestyle, that may be your dining room where you’ll be entertaining guests or your home office where you’ll be daydreaming at your desk.

What parts of your lot get the best natural light? It’s important for both your mood—and your energy bill—to get sunlight into the rooms where you spend the most time, such as your kitchen and living room.

Can’t wake up without sunlight streaming in? No reason not to take that into account and plan an east-facing master bedroom.

Create a Smooth Transition

When the outside of your home feels disconnected from the inside, stepping outside can feel like more of a journey than it really is. Break down the barriers between the two with these design choices.

Well-Placed Doors and Windows

While this may seem obvious, drawing your eye outside will absolutely inspire you to head out there. Consider oversize windows for great views and more natural light.

French doors or sliding glass doors to the patio beckon you outside and provide easy access. We can help you make the best choices when it comes to placing windows and entry points and making sure the eye line stays unobstructed.

Add Transitional Spaces

A front porch, patio, or deck can be invaluable in easing the transition from inside to outside. In these spaces, you feel physically connected to your home while still technically outdoors.

You can increase this feeling by extending your home’s roof to cover your front porch or shelter part of a patio space, keeping your indoor and outdoor spaces literally under the same roof.

Use Cohesive Design Elements

Create an inviting outdoor space by making it feel like a natural extension of your interior space. A great way to do this is through complementary design elements.

For example, you could pave your patio in a similar color or material to your interior flooring, providing a sense of continuity.

You can even let your yard inspire your interior design. Think about what colors and organic materials occur naturally outside your home and how you can bring those elements inside, perhaps by picking up a unique shade of green in your kitchen backsplash or choosing a similar stone for your fireplace.

Add a Special Feature

Another way to draw people outside is with that little something extra. Consider adding a fun luxury item to your custom build.

Outdoor Kitchen

Think of the grill-outs you can have with a full outdoor kitchen, complete with a sink and prep area. No more running back in the house every time you need something.

Instead, keep yourself in the conversation with family and friends while preparing a great meal for everyone to enjoy.


Instant fresh air and instant romance. Also a great place to enjoy your morning coffee while surveying your kingdom.

Perhaps a balcony off the master bedroom or home office is just what you need to bring the outdoors in.

Fire Pit

Warm, cozy, and nostalgic, it’s hard not to be captivated by a fire pit.

Kids will delight in roasting s’mores and adults can linger in a late-night conversation over a great bottle of wine.

Private Outdoor Entrance

A garden oasis accessible through the first-floor master bedroom. A children’s play area right off of the family room.

With a door in the right place and a little creative landscaping, you can portion off an area of the yard for one special purpose.

Premier Design Custom Homes specializes in creating outdoor spaces that are both functional and inviting.

Call us today for help making your outdoor space feel just like home!

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